This is a selection of our work

________________________________________________________________________________ “INNOVERNE”

Corporate video for our friends at Innoverne for the 2015 Circular Economy Awards. ________________________________________________________________________________ “THE SECRET OF THE INCAS”

Documentary chronicling expedition to the Amazon rainforests of Peru in search of the legendary lost Incan city of Paititi. ________________________________________________________________________________ “SPIRITLESS”

Short Film. Life is full of risk. It is only through taking a risk that you can open yourself up to real happiness, but it can also expose you to real pain too. ________________________________________________________________________________ “TREASURE OF THE TEMPLARS”

Feature film produced in conjunction with Timeless Entertainment. Homage to the Indiana Jones franchise, Indy travels from the deserts of Mexico to the Scottish Highlands in search of the Treasure of the Templars. ________________________________________________________________________________ “MOVING ON”

Chinese language short film about a a young guy trying to navigate some of life’s troubles ________________________________________________________________________________